Customs Clearing

DJ Powers BV is the choice for importers that understand the critical importance of complying with the complexities of EU Customs regulations and other government agencies that regulate imported merchandise.

  • Ocean and Air Clearance Services including Fiscal Representation
  • AEO Certified
  • Hazardous Goods
  • Foreign Trade Zone Entry/Withdrawals

Freight Forwarder / Export Compliance / Air, Ocean, and Ground

As a preferred Third Party Logistics Provider, DJ Powers BV offers a full range of forwarding and freight management services to our customers. We have a solid financial basis and rock-solid reputation built from years of consistent performance.

Our management philosophy focuses on "Proactive Partnerships" with our customers and we make it a point to have full knowledge of customers' products, trade lanes and specific needs. We know who our clients are and they know us, and this forms the basis for our success in customer retention. Our history of long-term customer relationships speaks for our customers' satisfaction.

We utilize state of the art systems provided by Descartes as support for our experienced staff to give every customer the benefit of our personalized service backed by state-of-the-art technology.

Our systems give us capabilities for very large volume shippers (Fortune 500 clients) as well as flexibility for fast-paced entrepreneurial shippers requiring extensive hands-on management.

Other Compliance / Online Services for United States related shipments

With our parent company DJ Powers Co Inc being based in the United States we are your experts in all areas of trade and logistics and particularly when dealing with the complex rules in the United States.

D. J. Powers is able to provide a full spectrum of consulting services to our customers in all areas of regulatory and logistics compliance.

D. J. Powers ISF Portal and Shipment Tracking are available online for our clients that have shipments to the United States and have registered and received a valid user ID and password. If you are interested in utilizing either of these functions, please request to be registered by contacting your account representative.

The ISF Portal is provided for importers who wish to control the entry and transmission of their shipment data to comply with the latest US Government requirements for Importer Security Filing.

  • Commercial Invoice Assessment
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Pre-Classifications
  • Foreign Trade Zones
  • Schedule B Classifications
  • Duty and HTS Classification Analysis
  • Letters of Credit
  • INCO-Terms/International
  • Terms of Sale (Use & Implication)
  • Customs Compliance
  • (Reasonable Care, Due Diligence, Audit preparations etc.)
  • Freight Services Audits and Oversight
  • International Financing and Banking
  • Supply Chain Management

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